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EN Career Quizzes Instagram
EN Career Quizzes Instagram

Career Quiz by Career Designer - Instagram

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EN Career Mini Video Tips TikTok

Career Mini Video Tips by Career Designer - TikTok

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About career guidance - podcast "Slovo má" (CZ with EN subtitles)
About career guidance - podcast "Slovo má" (CZ with EN subtitles)

How career guides work with clients (EN subtitles coming soon)

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book tips
career and soft skills book tips by Career Designer career coach Petra Drahoňovská Czech republic

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app IKMT for better time management

ikmt app

I personally use this app to check my statistics about numbers of my career counseling sessions, about my career workshops and data about project cooperations with companies and NGOs I have to report to.

When I work with my clients who start their careers specially as a freelancers or project workers I highly recommend them to check their time continuously, and this app could help them a lot.

Petra, founder 


Use your Google calendar as primary time data source for managing your work & private time.

Stop duplicating your records to multiple tools and get your time reports immediately.

Must have tool for all who value their time as we do.

One click reports

Get relevant statistics visualisation of data from your Google calendar immediately. Create your analysis and charts for any date range.

Keywords filters

Use one or multiple keywords and get your statistics according to activity clusters you need.

Colors filters

Color events to differentiate them, name each color with your own label to group similar events together.

career tips for people from Ukraine

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