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employee outplacement & coaching


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​People are the most important resources for every company. Every employee offers their talent, their energy, and their dedication to ensure business success. During periods of corporate downsizing and reorganization, both employers and employees are challenged with uncertainty. The biggest motivation for companies is not only to protect their reputation but mainly keeping good working environment of current employees​ and reducing the trauma of redundancy in the company generally.

Outplacement provides career support services for employees facing the loss of their jobs. It offers pathways for career transitions by:

  • clarifying expectations, needs, and goal for job seekers

  • navigating hiring processes for job candidates

  • identifying best career options for workers


  • reduces potential costs and burdens by offering reasonable and consistent employment separation processes

  • enhances corporate reputation as compassionate and socially responsible workplaces

  • improves retention and productivity by reinforcing care and concern for all employees

the ​outplacement program is usually designed in cooperation with HR and CSR - costs are covered by company (as a part of severance agreement) and career services is recommended to realize outside of the company


  • removes the stigma of unemployment and job loss

  • shows respect for individual circumstances

  • builds confidence to effectively pursue next-stage career opportunities in a timely manner

outplacement is not a mechanism for quick job placement, it is not a channel for recruiting or headhunting candidates - the main part of the services is focused on maximal psychological and career professional support​​​

Effective outplacement programs require the engagement of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in human resources, professional development, and personal support to balance the demands of employees facing challenging circumstances. 


  • balanced services of career counseling X career coaching

  • personal brand development & self-marketing  as a part of activation

  • knowledge of info & data sources about the labour market  

  • online worksheets & methodologies for all clients

  • cooperation with personal testing providers (TalentCenter)

  • working individually + on group work base

  • balanced combination of online + onsite services 

... we apply classical and as well my own tools & methodologies e.g. DYARY

... we are multiple winner of the National Career Counceling Award

... we have been in the field of career employee development since 2009

... practice with global dismissal in cooperation with

... 1-1 career support experience: 2000+ hrs per our coach 



for departing employees is usually offered 4 - 8 hrs of career-outplacement support between 1 - 6 months  

the 1st session with your company is about designing the program (for who, what extension, for how long, ...) 

then we start first round of sessions with departing employees - we work together on goals, priorities, action plans definitions 

we are reporting about the progress in the end of all sessions 

1 session is usually between 60 - 120 min 

sessions are mixture of coaching and career counseling / advising •

number of sessions with departing employees is up to agreement with the company •

the last follow-up session with the company is realized in the end of all sessions with departing employees •

we respect International Coaching Federation Code of Ethic •

we should probably ask  your employees to give us permission for their personal data processing •

info ebook

9900 - 19900 CZK  /

the price is influenced by the scope of content according to the size of the order

the material includes a description of the service + the process + the price includes video medallions of the career counsellors involved

in person (programs for 1 - 10 ppl)

3499 CZK / 60 min individual work with fired employee

32900 CZK  / 1 manday group work with fired employees (max 5 ppl / group)

online (programs for 1 - 10 ppl)

2399 CZK  / 60 min individual work with fired employee

22900 CZK  / 1 manday group work with fired employees (max 5 ppl / group)

online e-course (asynchronous)

1649 CZK / access to the set of online career courses for 1 person + access to career materials for 12 months


for 10 or more people, individual price conditions can be negotiated  •

invoice is issued in the end of the program  •

what is included: design of the program + summary reports + follow up meeting with HR / CSR department  •

what is included as well: working materials for all participants  •

what is not included: meeting-rooms renting  •





from setup to implementation

in person + online

v CZ / EN / ES 



trainings for your

HR team

osobně i online 

v CZ / EN / ES 



practical tips for your

HR team


v CZ / EN / ES 

employee coaching 

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for executives, company talents and other professional

  • how to use personal branding for better networking 

  • how the personal branding sells yourself within the company

  • how to stay authentic and consistent when you develop your career

  • how to understand and manage generation of digital nomads in your team

  • burn out syndrome prevention - working with vision and priorities


  • 2021 Gallup Interpretace (by Google Certified Trainers community)

  • 2018 NLP & Gestalt Coaching de Vida (PNL de Ricardo Perez)

  • 2017 Methodological Leadership of Career Coaching & Guidance Training (by T. Diener, T. Inglar, A. Sundelin) 

  • 2014 Appreciative Inquiry

  • 2012 CH-Q (Swiss methodology of competences mapping)

  • 2012 ILM international coaching certification London, Great Britain 5/7 (




3499 CZK / 60 min individual work with employee onsite

2399 CZK / 60 min individual work with employee online


invoice is issued in the end of the program  •

what is included: summary reports for HR department  •

what is not included: meeting-rooms renting  •

because we are going to work with your employees we need to ask them for individual permission about processing of personal data - check our example of the communication with your team

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