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career coaching, career guidance & counseling



  • CV / resume support 

  • cover letter support

  • career services for expats

  • how effectively looking for jobs

  • how to spend gap year effectively

  • CV specifics in the Czech Republic 

  • great LinkedIn consultancy services

  • meaningful zen career management

  • be or not to be employee vs freelancer

  • interviews preparation + mock interviews 

  • how to define and improve personal brand

  • how to work with visions, passions and skills

  • how to promote yourself off-line and on-line

  • how to change not only job but as well the profession

  • differences between hiring in corporate X agency X non-profit

  • how to set up and effectively develop personal (online) marketing

  • how to set up well your Digital Nomad concept and work remotely effectively

  • how to sort your thoughts for choosing a high school / college and aim well

  • PLUS  ....  mentoring for career advisors - how to advance in our profession

CV resume

what you can get

  • detailed analysis of your resume / LinkedIn / cover letter based on your practice and professional vision analysis + your career mind map

  • base creating for strengthening and development of your brand and your consistent personal marketing (online & offline) 

  • specific recommendations how to improve your own personal "PR professional materials" according to your professional vision

  • specific recommendations how to effectively looking for job

  • professional photo portrait shooting (based on your personal brand)

  • professional video/audio presentation shooting (based on your personal brand)

  • preparation for job interview + mock interviews (face to face or online) - in Czech or English (with native speakers)

  • current information about new trends in hiring and labour market in the CEE region, North and Latin America


... all in Czech or English

... get inspired and check my interview (English transcription is here)


1 online session is usually between 60 - 120 min •

we make the deal about the length and frequency together •

usually our clients choose between 2x 60 min - 6x 60 min meetings •

we respect the Code of Ethics based on Ethical Guidelines of IAEVG

our sessions going to be mix of coaching & counseling - decision about the ratio is up to you •

please go through this CONTRACT before our 1st session - it is automatically online entered into a contract after our confirmation of your order •

in the case of career cooperation with minors (<18), please print out > fill in > sign the child & his legal representative > scan > send this consent •


primary tool: Google Meet

  backup no.1: Whereby

 backup no.2: WhatsApp

 backup no.3: Skype: pedrahonovska


 1) send me a preference: morning/afternoon, Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri, + info on how urgent your situation is

2) based on that, I will suggest 2-3 options

3) I will send your final choice of date via Google calendar as an invitation

4) you confirm it (on the calendar or via email)

5) at the agreed date and time we connect on a call via this event


career counseling for Czechitas alumni and/or students (which type of high school or university to choose)​

  • 1999 CZK / hr 

  • bank transfer payment is based on invoice after the session

 career coaching & counseling

  • 2799 CZK / hr 

  • 1st 30 min is free and it is focused on your expectations and goals mapping (for new clients) 

  • bank transfer payment is based on invoice after the session

 career coaching & consulting for business owners and employees in senior management positions, 

 outplacement, design of professional "CV website", or professional CV photo/video/audio shooting 

  • 3999 CZK / hr 

  • 1st 30 min is free and it is focused on your expectations and goals mapping  

  • bank transfer payment is based on invoice after the session

We always adjust prices in Q1 or Q3 according to the current inflation rate. Last update 7.11.2023.

Last update is related with change of status from VAT payer to nonVAT payer.

The original prices always apply to already started cooperation.


your guides

  • our main specialization is any type of career support (= career coaching / counseling / guidance) in the field of your professional life - Petra Drahoňovská (certified career coach & founder of the Career Designer concept) and Monika Ptáčníková  (certified career guide & coach & co-founder of NGO Czechitas) will guide you most often through these topics  

  • we are certified coaches and we offer complex of career services which are focused on work shifts (vertical, horizontal) and it is based on the personal brand development from the different points of view e.g. working on your verbal self promotion with English/Czech native speaker, professional photo / video shooting (based on your current personal brand) ... all that with profs in our team - just check them and get inspired here

Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 15.56.51.png

PhDr. Petra Drahoňovská

  • PhDr. Petra Drahoňovská career coach
KKP Monika Ptáčníková web foto barva_edi

Ing. Monika Ptáčníková
on-line / on-site Czech rep.: Brno

  • Mgr. Monika Ptáčníková career coach

do you want to try it first on your own?

do you need bigger career-life change and

also need some distance from your situation?

foto antigua 02_edited.jpg

try our "ZEN & SURF YOUR CAREER" retreat in Antigua Guatemala

  • ... "ZEN your career" is space for your concentration & calmness

  • ... "SURF your career" is your inspiration for new career steps

  • career workshops & coaching & fun in unconventional spot

  • get inspiration for your decisions through work stories of local people 

  • disconnection - quite place - inspiration

  • take your time for your complex career-life redesign & restart

  • in beautiful Central America, Antigua Guatemala 

  • choose your 7 intense days in August OR in March 

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