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career inspirational retreat

Zen&Surf Your Career

in Guatemala






March trip deadline 12.12.2020 (Christmas gift)

August trip deadline 6.6.2021 (different vacations?) 


limited number of participants: max 6 

1) Check the terms and conditions of cooperation with ambassadors HERE

2) Register for ambassadors by filling in the questionnaire HERE
3) At the same day send a 1 min motivational video to
4) Wait for the message whether you have been selected :)

Zen & Surf Your Career is a set of retreats designed for professionals and others who face (not only) crossroads in their careers. It is unique combination of career group activities + individual career coaching + vacations.

... "ZEN your career" means space for your concentration & calmness

... "SURF your career" is your energy for your new or transitioning career

Our retreats provide you with time, space, and distance to step away from your daily routines, in order to:

  • reconnect with yourself 

  • identify your goals and purpose

  • regain a healthy sense of balance, perspective, and calm

  • enjoy intense self-development activities under the leadership of an experienced career coach and trainer

... new surroundings, different culture, breathtaking nature

... all these ingredients will inspire you to to navigate your career decisions with confidence and energy

We support responsible tourism:

all logistics are provided through local partners.

#slowtravelling #responsibletravelling

foto antigua 02_edited.jpg
Petra Drhoňovská Career Desiner - kariérový kouč a lekto

Why career retreat in Guatemala?

It is very personal experience: I fell in love with Latin America (especially with Central America) and have gone working here at least two times per year since 2013.

These countries  and their tourist locations are very safe, with amazing nature, ocean and a lot of sun which give you great energy.

All these countries are very colorful, full of inspiring cultures with friendly people, music, vibrant atmospheres and great food.

I believe that you will leave these countries after our retreat (as I do all the time) with a wide smile and energy for your new career steps.

Petra Drahoňovská, Career Designer 

restart your career & get inspired with us

in Antigua Guatemala


... we organize our retreat 2x / year in Antigua Guatemala

... located 2,5 hrs from Pacific beaches, 1 hr from airport

... we are going to organize it mainly in Czech language

... English translation at all activities is possible


  ... organizing activities before and during the trip worth CZK 7 400

  ... guiding and interpreting on site worth CZK 8 100

  ... group coaching in Guatemala worth 13 500 CZK

  ... totaling 29 000 CZK 



  ... the cost of workshops with local people in Guatemala

     (needs to be spent 5 900 CZK)

  ... transport to the place (air tickets) and on the place (bus, taxi)

     (regular price 17 000 - 27 000 CZK)

  ... accommodation

     (prices from 13 $ / dorm, from 18 $ / private accommodation)

  ... food

     (prices are about as in the Czech Republic)

  ... insurance


Your estimated costs (ie travel, accommodation, meals, insurance, activities with meals) can range from CZK 29,000 and higher depending on personal spending on the spot.

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content of our career development activities

Antigua Guatemala - Career Retreat Zen & Surf Your Career


  • Parramos a Calderas - tour to avocado finca with Jenni, ...

  • topic of the day: the fruits of our work


DAY 2​

  • Chichicastenango - by local buses to the mountains where the local church connect Shamanism and Christianity

  • topic of the day:​ vystupování z komfortní zóny a cesty za vizemi



  • Monterrico beach - boat trip & bird watching with Luis

  • topic of the day: new horizons  



  • Monterrico beach

  • topic of the day: our inner kid & creativity of nature   


  • Antigua - local music & dance culture with Frank, Nancy, ...

  • topic of the day: working with body, emotions, movements


  • Antigua - stone jewellery workshop with Laura, ...

  • topic of the day: hidden talents and hidden treasures in our life

  • Antigua - coffee workshop with Diego, Tito, ... 

  • topic of the day: overcoming obstacles in our life 


  • Antigua - we make our own chocolate with Fernando, Patti, ... 

  • topic of the day: sweet & bitter in our work & private life

  • Antigua - cerro del la cruz

  • topic of the day: where our steps lead us - action plan

The order of the activities may vary depending on the weather and local time.

get to know yourself through an experience in another country and stories of local people ...

video has English subtitles

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  • LI - Career Designer - P.Drahoňovská
  • fb - Career Designer
  • YT - Zen & Surf Your Career Retreat

what should not be overlooked in the contract:

* reading the cooperation agreement incl. terms and conditions is the basis and protection of both sides *

* retreat makes sense only if you complete all activities together with the group *

* retreat is at your expenses and at your own responsibility *

* we exchange with you arranging program, guiding, interpreting for your online promotion of retreat *

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