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labour market insights and info from Latin America & Europe

The idea of creating a space for a "virtual LAT-EU coffee", where people from LATin America and the EU/Europe could read what they are interested in about work and the labour market on these continents, perhaps over a real coffee, came from a meeting with Mexican coach Matias López.

ALERT: we are not an job agency, we do not provide people with jobs, but we try to pass on information that we ourselves are interested in and that is related to our cultural background and the world of work.

And how did the idea come about? It started years ago with a chance meeting on the beaches of Oaxaca (México), continued over time with a chat about what Matias and I have in common, then we moved this informal networking and online sharing of practice into the implementation of shadowing at events and the co-creation of a Spanish version of my self coaching product After this fine experience, we agreed that it would be great to take not only our friendship, but also this working experience further, and connect the two continents, maybe even in this way. In fact, I am always surprised again and again how much we have in common with the people in Lat-Am, despite our completely different histories, and how much we can pass on and inspire each other


Petra Drahoňovská and Matias López (Career Designer)


  1. Interviews with people from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador
    > about their current work and how they got it
    > what they don't like about their job
    > how they perceive the job market and perhaps opportunities for expats

  2. Interviews with Latinos in the Czech Republic who are working here
    > about their current job and how they got it
    > what they don't like about their job and what their vision is for their job
    > how they perceive the differences between LatAm and Central European culture
    > how they perceive the difficulty of finding a job as a Latino in the Czech Republic 

  3. Links to data on LatAm and European labor markets

  4. Tips on interesting articles, publications, profiles of people - just about anything worth following if you are interested in this topic around the world of work in such defined geographic regions

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