networking platform for coaches from Latin America & Europe

The idea about creating some "virtual networking CAFE LAT-EU space" where coaches from  LATin America and from EUrope can exchange and share their know-how was born in Mexico in my 2018 work trip where I met great coach and now my friend Matias López. 


We started with some informal chat and then moved to more professional field of real cooperation (e.g. we created together So we realized that may be more people around us would like to have this experience as well and we created this LinkedIn group. where all of you are invited!

I saw that it is quite common to share among European countries, and as well among countries in America in general. So I wanted to contribute a bit to this networking and create also some connection between Europe & Latin America. I think it is super interesting to share how coaches from other continents (but with the similar professional background) work. My personal experience is that we have more topics, things in common than we think.  So if we really want to create & live out-of-box then this opportunity for sharing is priceless.


  1. We are focused on sharing of:
    > BOOKS we read
    > ONLINE EDUCATION we participated in 
    ... with some useful comments for other COACHES & COUNSELORS.

  2. Please add always picture of the cover of book (in English + in your own language).

  3. And please add 1-3 sentences of description in English ('cause it is most universal) + in your language.

  4. Please share what you see as professionally useful, interesting, inspiring for yourself & for other coaches and counselors.

  5. Do not hesitate to contact other members if it is about:

        > questions about member's coaching work

        > post they were already posted by members 

        > offer for cooperation

 thank you, on behalf of Career Designer 

Petra Drahoňovská & Matias López